How to Choose and Maintain Contact Lens Solutions

Many contact wearers tend to make a mistake that very little attention has been put in the choosing and maintenance of the contact lens solutions. For there are many brands and types of lens solutions in the market, so wearers should be careful in this respect while choosing and maintaining solutions. Especially, the solutions for some very special contacts, as, extended contacts, monthly disposables, etc, should be greatly noticed.

Contact solutions have played very important roles in the keeping of wearers’ eye health. They can kill almost all bacteria on the lenses. While using and handling with contacts, bacteria may come to the contacts and some infections may happen on wearers’ eyes for this reason. So, the disinfection role of solution is very important. Additionally, these solutions can be used to clean all wastes and germs on the contacts. Still more, these solutions can provide extra moisture for contacts.

In fact, wearers can choose solutions with above mentioned merits in the market. And such solutions are called multipurpose solutions. Wearers love these solutions very much for they can be easily handled and operated. Rinsing their contacts with saline solution is the only thing that wearers should do after placing their contacts in multipurpose solutions. Buy one pointed should be noticed that saline is not the same as multipurpose solutions. So do not only use any one of them, but both.

Sometimes wearers may break their contacts while rubbing them with fingers to get rid of wastes. So wearers should be careful in this process. Still more, polluted cases will also cause infections, so it is essential to clean lens cases in regular times.

One-step and two-step are very generally methods of using hydrogen peroxide solution. As for the latter method, wearers should neutralize the peroxide on the contacts with saline solution. As for the one -step method, wearers should put a tablet into the solution, so as to clean all proteins on the contacts. These methods can also be found in some multipurpose solutions without such tablets.

As for wearers of daily disposable contacts, they need not to clean them with solutions. But whether such lenses can be worn for longer time is till unknown. Sill more, wearers can not find solutions for such contacts.

Before buying contact solutions, wearers should visit their eye doctors and tell them about the information of their eyes, contacts, etc. According the individual information of wearers, the eye doctors will recommend some specific solutions for them. Wearers should remember that the use of some contacts should match their solutions, and something bad may occur on their eyes if they do not stick to this principle. Reusing of overdue solution is very dangerous. Additionally, wearers should maintain the cleanliness of the solution.

However expensive your contacts are, you should still maintain them very carefully. The reason is bad keeping can also lead to eye infections.