How to Choose Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Since the mass production of contact lenses, people have been using them to adjust the color of their eyes, and the look as well. Some people even go as far and buying cosmetic contact lenses that make the wearer appear to not have a pupil or retina. While this may seem extreme, many people use them as a prop for a movie or short film while other people wear them as part of a costume during Halloween. Cosmetic contact sales are known to double or triple during October when people begin buying them as part of their Halloween costume.

One of the most prolific places you’ll see cosmetic contact lenses is in Hollywood. Not just at the movie studios, but with celebrities as well. Many celebrities wear cosmetic contact lenses every time they’re in public and have even gone so far as to have their agents tell people that the cosmetic lenses are actually the real eye color while everyone else really knows the truth.

When you’re trying to pick out color cosmetic lenses there are a few things that you’ll want to remember.

1. People know what your eyes really look like. If you have brown eyes and one day show up to work with bright blue eyes, people will notice. They may like it, but everyone will know you’re wearing contact lenses. Unless you’re trying to make a fashion statement and get noticed, you probably want to keep the fact that you wear contact lenses hidden. In that case, clear contact lenses are probably right for you.

2. You can change the color over time. If you have dark blue eyes and want them to be lighter, start off slowly. Once you’ve worn a lighter shade for a few months, go another shade lighter. After a year you should be at the level of color you want and hopefully you were able to pull it off with only some people figuring it out. This method is particularly fitting for those people who are already in a job and don’t want to shock people with changes.

3. Don’t go too weird. If you choose a lens that is typically reserved for vampires in a Halloween movie, you’re likely to alienate more than a few people. If your cosmetic contact lens is anything but a normal eye color, blue, green, brown, etc., expect some people not to like it. People have been known to get “written up” by their employer for not adhering to the dress code. A personal friend didn’t get hired and he suspected it was because of his contact lenses!

While those are just 3 quick tips for you when you’re trying to choose cosmetic contact lenses, realize that those tips only scratch the surface of information available regarding contact lenses. Don’t just take my word for it, consult your physician about different colors that are available and find what you really like before settling for standard clear contacts.

If you have already talked to your doctor about a cosmetic contact lens, find some you really like and get them ordered!

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