How to Find the Best Color Contact Lenses – This is the Way the Experts Easily Find It

Color contact lenses are a great way to enhance your look or just be different when you want it. These types of contacts are very popular nowadays so it is no problem to find a pair and even get a great price.

Apart from the basics of buying such eye accessories many may wonder how to decide on a color that will suit them best. Here are some tips to help you out.

Do you want a complete change of color or just an enhancement of your original eye color? This is the first question you should ask yourself. If you just want to add a sparkle to your eyes or made the color more rich you must go for the second type.

If you are looking for a dramatic change, than you must consider color contact lenses designed for full color change, or the so called color tint lenses.

People who have light hair – all shades of blond as well as light brunette and light eyes can try the following:

– if your eyes are blue try brown, green or turquoise color;
– if your eyes are green try a honey color, turquoise, ocean blue;
– if your eyes are hazel color try sapphire blue, green or jade;

Those who have medium skin and darker hair can follow these tips:

– if your eyes are brown try green or amethyst;
– if your eyes are light brown try green amethyst or sapphire blue;

Finally which ones are suitable people with dark skin and dark hair? Well if you are one of those you are really lucky as you can afford wearing any color contact lenses as long as it differs from your original eye shade. Dark skin and dark hair contrast very well with blue and green eyes in any shade so just experiment or purchase the tint you like best.

Regardless of the color you want to try, don’t forget to get a check up with an eye professional prior to purchasing the contacts. You need to know your eye measurements as well as what accessories you need (solutions and case) and how to take care of your new eye enhancement accessories.

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