How to Get the Most Comfortable Pair of Contact Lenses

Contacts can be awkward for the first time user, and feel especially uncomfortable. Finding the most comfortable pair of contact lenses for your eyes can be a test of trial and error for you and your eye doctor. The eye doctor part is essential to the comfortable contact equation. Doctors must determine the measurements that your contacts need to be in order to fit them correctly. Without the doctor, contacts may not fit properly and can harm your eyes. Still there is more that you can do to increase the comfort of your contact lenses.

Avoiding Dry Eye

Dry eye causes eyes to appear red and feel gritty. All About Vision offers that this could come from over the counter medicines and prescription medicines, from antihistamines to blood pressure medications. The best way to take care of this when you have contacts is to use contact drops that contain artificial tears. These drops must be for contacts only, as other contact drops can discolor contacts.

Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!

All About Vision offers that one of the most essential ingredients to having healthy eyes and a comfortable contact experience is nutrition. Drinking lots of water and less caffeine and alcohol is important to maintaining eye health. Also, nutritional supplements may help, especially omega-3 fatty acids that are naturally found in salmon, flaxseed oil and many other fish.

The Environment

The environment in which you surround yourself is an integral part on how comfortable your contacts are going to feel in your eyes. Dusty work areas or a house with pets may increase the chances of getting debris caught between the contacts and the eyes. Also, contact wearers should not touch their eyes after using soaps, cleaners, or other similar products. Keep rewetting drops available if you spend much time on the computer or if you smoke. All of these things can keep your contacts from feeling their most comfortable.

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