How to Maintain Your Color Contact Lenses – The Info That You Should Know to Avoid Damaging One

Color contact lenses are great to wear as they make you look wonderful and the center of attraction in all parties and gatherings. But like everything else in the world, most of the lenses are not maintenance free and require daily maintenance. This routine has to be followed very religiously.

There are different types of lenses, in which the most easy to use are the disposable type which do not require any maintenance and are discarded after single use. There is yet another type of disposable lenses which has a longer life and therefore called the extended wear contact lenses.

These lenses are worn and may not be removed for a week at a stretch. But if they are removed and you intend wearing them again then you will have to follow the procedure which is applicable fort the regular ones.

The non disposable types when ever removed require cleaning, rinsing and disinfection before storage. This process is easy and simple to follow. All you have to do is wash your hands before removing your contact lenses.

Make sure you do not have any greasy material on your hands like a moisturizer on your hands or any sort of dirt etc. use the solution that accompanies your lenses to rinse and clean your lenses so that there is no debris or foreign particles attached to your lenses.

These foreign particles may cause a lot of damage to your eyes if not removed properly. After the cleaning process, fill the lens holder with the disinfectant and soak the lenses in it till you need to wear them again. In most of the cases you will have to perform this routine every night when you are getting ready to go to bed.

Remember, never use water to rinse your lenses as water may contain hardness and contamination. This will damage your lenses and harm your eyes.

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