How to Prevent Eye Infections From Contact Lenses

We all know that there are many reasons that cause eye infections. Wearing contact lenses may be not the direct reason of eye infections, but it’s really a susceptible factor of it. The contact lenses should be kept in hygienic environment, if you care the lenses in improper way, there would cause some microscopic activity. Here are some suggestions for you to prevent eye infections from contact lens.

In the morning, before putting on your contact lenses, you should wash carefully of your hands. It’s better to use antiseptic soap. Except the eye balls, your hands directly touch the contact lens, ensure your hands clean are most important. Also during the night, when you take out the lenses, carefully washing your hands is necessary.

Contact lenses need to be cleaned and disinfected every day. After the daily use, there is some protein residue on the surface of lens. You need clean the small creatures left using the saline solution and then put them back in.

The lenses container also need well guarded. It should be changed every 30 days. Before and after everyday using, the container needs to be washed well and dry up. Also the saline solutions should be chose carefully. They must be thrown away about 90 days when you begin to use it.

Some other tips you should know that lenses couldn’t be worn for more than eight hours. They have to be removed when you sleeping and avoid the high temperature environment.

To prevent an eye infection from occurring, you should keep in mind all these tips. In case some unexpected infection happens, you should directly go to the doctor. Keep a good protection to our eyes.

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