Importance of Sunglasses in the Winter

Some people know that you should never leave your house without your sunglasses even during the warmer months. Polarized optics are the single greatest protection from the sun’s rays that you can easily use every day. And I do mean every day. Most of us like a stylish pair of sunglasses for the summer months. But did you know that polarized sunglasses are just as important for your overall health in the winter as they are during the rest of the year? Yes it’s true. Let me tell you why.

Sunglasses play an essential role in maintaining good eye health. The Ultra Violet or UV rays from the sun are intense all year long. You may not realize this during the chilly winter months when your fingers and toes need warmth. But your face and eyes are continually exposed to the effects of the sun. Polarized sunglasses provide the protection that you need during these times when the heat from the sun may be weak but the UV index remains high.

Most people do not realize how important it is to protect your eyes from UV rays. Extended, un-protected exposure to UV rays, over time, can lead to a number of different ailments of the eye. These include cataracts, macular degeneration, loss of vision or even cancer. Some of these conditions may require surgery while others are irreversible. Once your eyes are damaged there may not be a way to bring your vision back. If you have astigmatism or are normally sensitive to the sun’s bright light then polarized sunglasses are essential for your eye health.

In many places winter brings with it snow and ice. The glare of the sun reflected off these surfaces can be especially troublesome. Add to that the UV ray effect and it is plain to see why protection in the winter-time is important. But there is an easy solution to these concerns: simply wear a pair of polarized sunglasses and you can avoid the discomfort of the glare of the sun and harmful UV rays. So you see that by wearing polarized optics or goggles, you can prevent the possible onset of eye strain and disease and at the same time be able to see more clearly in all kinds of climate.

Good eye care in the winter months is not limited to just the adults. Children need eye protection also. Even during the winter, children tend to be outdoors more than adults.

And going outdoors brings with it exposure to the harmful effects of the sun. Don’t leave your child’s eye health to chance. Be certain that they are protected with polarized sunglasses also. And if they see you wearing sunglasses they’ll want a pair also and develop good eye care habits. So help your children to good eye health for their whole lifetime.