Improved Contact Lens Health via Oxygen

Regardless of how comfortable or happy you are with your contact lenses, always keep in mind they are a foreign body on your eyes. Which contact lenses are the healthiest for you to wear?

Only your eye care provider can answer that for certain. However, there are a couple guidelines you should be interested in knowing. The latest materials used for contacts allow an exponential improvement in the rate of oxygen transmission directly through the lens itself.

Because the lens is, in its simplest form, a piece of plastic that rests on your cornea, wouldn’t it make sense to use the most oxygen permeable plastic you can? Of course it does.

The issue is that these lenses are not available for everyone just yet. So how do you know if you can wear these new styles of lenses? While the odds are that you can wear them, it is not certain as they are still only made in limited parameters.

If your prescription is spherical with no astigmatism between the powers of +6.00 and -12.00 there is a high oxygen permeable lens available for you. If you have minimal amounts of astigmatism and a spherical correction under -9.00, the purevison toric or Acuvue Advance for Astigmatism may be a good match for your eyes. And, if you require a reading add you might be a candidate for the purevision multifocal.

Other lenses that fall into these oxygen permeable categories are the Ciba Night and Day, BioCurve by Coopervision, O2Optix by Ciba Vision, and the Acuvue Oasys.

While one lens will never work well for every eye, with the options available to us today chances are that you may be very happy in one of lenses listed above.

So the next time you visit your eye care provider, ask if a new higher oxygen permeable contact lens may be right for you.

Barbara Lewis wants to inform you of all your decisions when it comes to biweekly and monthly disposable contact lenses. Her website ContactLensSuccess. is consistently updated with the latest in eye care information.