Instructions for Handling Contact Lenses

First step: Preparation – wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses. Before removing the lenses, rinse the box for storing them with the multipurpose solution and fill it.

Step two: Cleaning – put each lens in your palm and apply a few drops of solution on it. With your index finger gently clean the lens from both sides. After cleaning, rinse with the solution.

Third step: Disinfection/Storage – Insert the lenses into the container and fill it with solution. Carefully screw the cap. Let the lens stay at least 4 hours or all night. Once you insert the lens, pour the solution from the container, rinse it and leave it open in order to dry. Change the container every month.

Placing the lenses: After disinfection and before insertion of lens, it is not necessary to flush them. However, if lenses are contaminated, you can rinse them with the solution. Make sure the lens is just on the tip of your forefinger before you put it in your eye. The lens should not be distorted, i.e. its edge should not touch the tip of your finger. If the lens folds and its ends stick together, put the lens on your palm and make it wet with the solution. The correct position of the lens on your finger is when the edges of the lens are turned upwards, not sideways. The forefinger should always be dry and the lens wet.

How to put lenses with both hands:

•Put the lens on your dry forefinger; use the middle finger of the other hand to pull the upper eyelid.
•With the same middle finger pull the lower lid.
•While looking at the lens, place it in the iris of the eye.
•Staying at the same position, look down to set the lens. Slowly loose the lower eyelid and after it, the upper.

Taking the lenses out:

•Look up and slowly pull down the lower eyelid with the middle finger and put the forefinger on the lower edge of the lens. Slide the lens to the lower white part of the eye.
•Lens should be squeezed between forefinger and thumb (avoid touching with nails) in order to be removed from the eye.
•Immediately dissolve the lens with your thumb and forefinger, be careful not to stick its edges.

Your lens should not be in contact with soaps and chemicals. You should use eye drops only if your eye doctor tells you to do it. Always disinfect your lenses after each use. If you do not use your lenses, keep them in the container. Never wear contact lenses during work with harmful and irritating fume or smoke. If you feel some kind of discomfort, immediately remove the lenses and consult your eye doctor. Follow the rules for wearing lenses prescribed by the specialist.