Introduction of Bifocal Contact Lenses

It is common for people who are over 40 years old to get eye problems. And presbyopia is one of the most frequently happened eye problems, in which people have difficulties in reading characters or letters on the nearby newspapers, but they can see the distant objects clearly. They need to hold newspapers at a distance so that they can read the letters on them before their eye problem is corrected. And in this situation, they will find the print in the newspaper really small.

This eye problem is caused, just like the other components of our body, mainly due to natural aging of the lenses of our eyes which is the element for focusing images of the outside world onto the eyes. It is an irreversible change which can happens to everybody as time goes by.

For these patients who have presbyopia, they need visual corrections for see nearby objects and meanwhile do not need correction when look at distant object. So you need to wear traditional glasses when reading, and take off them after that.

There are other choices. Bifocal lens is an excellent one. With this type of glasses, you can see both near and distance object clearly. So it has been more and more popular amongst people who get presbyopia.

There are also bifocal contact lenses which are specially designed for those people who have more than one visual defect. Besides, many manufacturers also provide simultaneous vision lenses which allow you to see distance and nearby objects at the same time. Multifocal contact lenses are the most advanced one which help you see things at all distances clearly. With these lenses, your eye problems can be solved perfectly.

For all of these contact lenses, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly disposable types are available for you to choose from. You can even choose colored and tinted bifocal contact lenses if you want to have an amazing appearance like young people.