Johnson and Johnson Acuvue Contacts – Why and Where

Are Johnson and Johnson Acuvue contacts what the doctor has ordered? There are several reasons why this is often the lens of choice. It’s partly because of all the choices. It’s also the value too. Here are the choices and how to get even more value…

You see, these lenses mostly come in either 1 day wear or the 1 to 2 week lenses. These are not the kind of lenses you wear for a month or more. Here’s why this is a good thing…

With the Acuvues you get fresh, new lenses often. Of course with the Acuvue dailies it’s every day. That’s a great way to keep that comfortable feel. Then there’s a lot less chance of infection problems if you don’t even have to clean the lenses. Throwing them away is much easier than all that cleaning and maintenance.

There’s more too. See, if you need bifocals or even if you have astigmatism, they’ve got the solution. Who knows how they build all that into those little paper-thin pieces of gel. Look, the lenses are actually almost half water… Who cares how they do it???

Look, I’ve worn contacts for almost thirty years… When I first wore the Acuvues, it was a new experience. The comfort is the real difference. It’s wearing contacts all day and still hardly noticing the lenses.

Now here’s the money saving part. Once you have a prescription, you can buy contacts anywhere you want. It may be that you can get the Johnson and Johnson Acuvue cheaper and even faster by buying online. It may be worth a look.