Johnson & Johnson (Vistakon) – What You Should Know About This Contact Lens Brand

The Vistakon division of Johnson & Johnson specializes in disposable contact lenses. These are sold to customers under brand names like ACUVUE® ADVANCE® with HYDRACLEAR®, ACUVUE® ADVANCE® for ASTIGMATISM and ACUVUE® 2 COLOURS(TM).

The entire range of Acuvue products has some distinct features that make it a hot seller in the market. Let us look at some of the aspects of this leading contact lens brand.

The Acuvue Oasys has an accelerated stabilization design. In comparison to its closest competitor this design gives the wearer crisper and clearer vision. The technology incorporates four stabilization zones as opposed to a single one as seen in other contact lenses.

It helps to keep the lens stable while blinking and moving the eyeball. It also uses the natural pressure of the eyelids to help stabilize the lens. This is just one of the few great ideas that have been incorporated into the lens.

The basic component of contact lenses in this family is senofilcon A. The specialty of this newer generation silicone hydro gel is its ability to retain moisture. The property translates into a comfortable, silky feel for the wearer and freedom from tired eyes.

It also allows users to wear contact lenses for an extended period of time. The material of the lens is much smoother than other conventional silicone hydro gel lenses and this helps alleviate the dry eye feeling to a great extent.

The astigmatism range of lenses also blocks more than 96% and 99% of UVA and UVB rays respectively. This meets the highest UV blocking standards for contact lenses. These should ideally be used along with sunglasses of good quality to give eyes maximum protection from UV rays.

The lenses can be worn for up to a week on a continuous basis. It is also recommended never to exceed the ideal replacement time for lenses as this might cause eye problems. If you plan to buy contact lenses, it would be a great idea to consult your eye care doctor for the best choice.

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