Keep Good Contact Lens Hygiene

Contact lenses nowadays have become more favorable for people to correct their vision, however, one thing that many people neglect is to have good hygiene. The fact is that when patients do not use lenses as directed, the consequences may be dangerous. Only when one follows the proper care and wearing instructions provided by eye doctor can contact lenses be the safest form of vision correction. If following the tips below, you are able to ensure that your contacts remain comfort as well as clean enough.

1. Washing Hands Always

Always wash and dry your hands before handling contact lenses, or a variety of bacteria you encounter everyday will probably be brought into your eyes, causing problems and possible eye infections. It is more recommended to wash your hands with mild soap and warm water, so that your hands can be cleaned thoroughly.

2. Using Products Recommended By Your Eye Doctor

It is suggested to use products recommended by your eye doctor, because eye conditions of different people vary and each wearer should use the cleaning products suitable to himself or herself. For example, saline solution and rewetting drops are not designed to disinfect lenses. Saline is merely a solution that can be used to rinse or store lenses

Some people may think that brands are highly qualified and they are sure to be the best for them, however, actually not all brands are compatible with every type of contact lens. Therefore when you use up your solution, bear in mind the brand name and product name so as to buy the correct solution suitable to your best.

3. Replace Your Case Every Three Months or Sooner

Lens case is usually a gear that most wearers neglect. The point is that if not cleaned and replaced properly, the case will be contaminated unknowingly and unwarily and then bacilli will be easily brought into eyes. What is more, clean the case after each use and keep it open and dry between cleanings. Remember never to neglect the cleaning of lens case, because we rely on it to store and protect our lenses as well as our eyes indirectly.

4. Form A Good Habit Of Cleaning Contacts and the Gears Everyday

Although maybe you are too busy everyday to have time cleaning your contacts and gears, you should also squeeze time to maintain the cleanliness of your lenses. It is really a crucial step in preserving your overall eye health. Therefore, it is not a necessity but also a must to form a good habit of cleaning contacts and the gears everyday. Follow the above tips or the cleaning instructions provided by your eye care practitioner.