Kids and Contact Lens Wearing

One concern that parents have been asking is whether their kids are old enough for contact lens wearing. The fact is, a child can surprisingly tolerate wearing of contact lenses starting at a very young age. Moreover, there are babies that have eye conditions that are being fitted with these lenses and have shown to tolerate them well. Also, a number of young children with nearsightedness that are fitted with these show no trouble in applying and removing their contact without having their parents assist them. In fact, contact lenses are very helpful to children in many different ways.

Children can become mature enough to wear contacts if they show enough responsibility at home and school. A child that is mature enough to do self-care is fairly ready for contact lenses. However, if a child shows poor-grooming habits that need frequent reminders from parents it can indicate that this child is not yet ready for the responsibility of taking care of their contact lenses. To avoid complications associated with contacts wearing, a child, regardless of his or her age, needs to be responsible enough in caring, inserting, and removing of their lenses. The wearing of contact lenses, should not be based on a child’s age, rather, it should be on the level of maturity and readiness to take on a responsibility.

The ability of contact lenses to increase a child’s self-esteem can be very dramatic. Kids who wear eyeglasses at a young age can sometimes make them feel inferior and are oftentimes fall victims of school bullies. Because they don’t like the way they look with their glasses on, some kids would sometimes sacrifice wearing them for the sake of not being bullied thus they perform poorly in school activities. But when these kids are fitted with contact lenses, they become more confident and shows dramatic increase in their school performance. They also become more active in classroom discussions including sports activities.

Although, contact lens can offer a large advantage among children, parents should not push the issue of letting their kids wear them right away. Parents should learn to wait for their children to assume responsibility. Their readiness for contacts is a sign of maturity. Once the child agrees with the idea of wearing contacts, it is important to take your child to your local Austin eye doctor for lens fitting and vital eye care instructions to avoid future complications.

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