Kids and Contact Lenses

These days we can notice to trends between kids. Some children, who are under the influence of Harry Potter craze, like wearing glasses and actually consider it cool. Other group of kids opt for contact lenses, which is not safe in every case.

A kid has to reach certain age to be able to wear contacts. It is safe to put contacts in for a teenager. Children younger than that are not responsible enough to take care of lenses. They might not be able to put them in, take them out or clean and disinfect without adult’s supervision.
Some researches have shown that even children between 8 and 11 years old are capable of wearing contacts.

Researchers say though, that those kids were prescribed disposable contacts. The children put on new lenses every morning, did not have to clean and disinfect their lenses but at the end of the day contacts were thrown away.

From the physical point of view children can wear contacts at a very young age. There have been cases where even infants wore lenses due to medical eye conditions present at birth.

Kids are usually good lens wearers provided they are capable of keeping up with their contacts. Most often contact lenses work as a motivator for children and they easily get used to wearing them. Unlike adults kids are not like to have a dry eye problem so this fact also shows why children can do well wearing contacts.

In addition to the above children often follow instructions about their lenses better than adults. As a result of that kids are less like to over-wear their contacts or to use inappropriate lens solution.
Another situation when contact lenses are perfect solution for one’s child is when the child is involved in sport activities. Parent does not have to worry about their child getting hurt by broken glasses frame. Plus, unlike sport glasses or safety glasses contact lenses do not fog up and as a result of the above do not affect child’s vision.

Also sport lenses have better peripheral vision than any other glasses and they do not obstruct child’s view, which increases reaction to the other players on the field and as well to the object such as a ball coming from the side.

Unlike glasses contacts stay stable in kid’s eyes when they are running. There is no danger a child is going to lose their contact lenses.

Latest researches have shown that wearing contact lenses can improve child’s self-esteem. Kids and teenagers fitted with contacts seem to feel better about their appearance and are more self confident.

Generally if one is considering getting lenses for their children, they have to know how responsible their children are with other things. If a kid can handle other responsibilities (for example taking garbage out) and does not have to be reminded about doing things, then it is safe to assume the child is ok to have contact lenses, wear them and take care of them.

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