Know Something About the Evolution of Contact Lenses

Like glasses, the first contact lenses are invented several centuries ago. It is believed that Leonardo Da Vinci is legally credited with this invention. But his contact lenses can not work as people can now see- these lenses can not be worn or used for vision correction. It is just a design or an idea. However, as time goes by, contact lenses become some of the best devices for vision correction after being upgraded by many other inventors.

Da Vinci’s lenses have witnessed the emergence of a great innovation in the field, but these lenses can not be worn. And they are first upgraded by Descartes, who have advocated making lenses in the form of cornea. And this idea is put into practice by Thomas Young. However, there are still many problems on these lenses.

For much better vision effect, John Herschel tends to make lenses from some kind of special material, a kind of special capsule in the 19th century. This theory has laid solid foundation for modern contact lenses, especially in materials to be employed.

However, the first useable contact lenses do not come into being until the late 19th century, when Muller has made lenses wearable. Of course, these lenses are uncomfortable to have on and some more inventions are needed. Later, Fick has also invented wearable lenses, which can also cause some discomfort.

Almost no great breakthrough was made in the past years, due to limitation on materials- almost all these lenses are made from glass. But everything is changed when polymerthyl methacrylate is invented by William Feinbloom in the 30s of 20th century. These materials make lenses much better and comfortable to have on.

After that, great achievements are made on lenses on and on in the following several decades. Especially, the making of soft lenses becomes possible. This also ensures much greater comfort and freshness for wearers. In particular, the late 20th century has witnessed the emergence of several typical and very important lenses, namely, toric lenses, bifocal lenses and protective lenses, etc.

In a word, the history of contact lenses is very long and these lenses are never become popular and wearable until recent decades. And now, contact lenses can be used to rectify more vision problems, especially those can not be easily treated. In addition, contact lenses now become some of the most beloved options for more and more people as greater achievements are made in the field.