Learn How to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses – It’s Easy Once You Learn!

I remember the fears when I was going to be getting my first pair of contact lenses. I had never touched my eyeball before then so the fear of poking myself in the eye was one of the greatest to overcome. I had been wearing glasses my entire life before I got my first pair of contacts, so it was definitely long overdue.

To get started inserting your lenses, you will want to start with the lens on your index finger open side up. After applying a small amount of solution to them if they are new you will then be ready to get them set. (note: After you first put solution on them you won’t have too if you keep them in solution at night.)

Now with your cleanly dry hands you will want to use your index finger or thumb to pull down the bottom part of your eye lid so that you can easily look up. After doing this you will be able to gently connect the contact with your eye. If this is your first time you WILL have the urge to blink. Try to fight it as you don’t want to make it more difficult.

After a moment or two you should be able to close your eye lid and feel the lens securely fastened. If it doesn’t feel right you can always try it again until it feels just right. It may seem like an impossible task at first, but I promise it gets easier over time.

Removal of the contacts is much easier as you’ll find out. It helps to have dry fingers, but gripping the both sides of the lens with the index and thumb will allow it to come right off the eye.

At first, you may regret your decision to get the contacts, but I can assure you the benefits highly outweigh the negatives and you’ll be much better off in the end with much better eye site!

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