Mirrored Contact Lenses – Leave Them Stunned in the Dark

Mirrored contact lenses like the ones worn by Vin Diesel in the movies Pitch Black and Chronicles of Riddick will be seen widely this summer in all the dark lit underground dance clubs around the country.

For those of you who don’t know, mirrored contact lenses are now considered medical devices by the FDA and can only be sold under the guidance of a physician. Fear not however, as these hard to find fashion contact lenses are still available online. The only difference now is that in order for companies to sell you the lenses you’ll need a quick note from your local eye doctor.

I’ve personally had trouble trying to get eyes like Riddick’s but I’m still looking. In the meantime I love my fluorescent pink and blue mirrored contact lenses. One of these days I’ve got to hit the rave wearing one of each… or perhaps just in one eye. That’ll get their attention!

Don’t fret about the whole FDA thing. Whether you get eyes like Riddick’s or make some other fashion statement the lenses (if properly cared for) are still safe. Follow the care instructions from the manufacturer and check in frequently with your eye doctor and you’ll be fine.

I’m looking forward to a great summer of tearing up the dance floor and making them all jealous. I know I move great when I look great. The beat and the heat and the dark of the night, that’s what my rave summer is going to be about. I’ll be the one with one pink eye. Will you have the other?