Misuse of Contact Lenses

In today’s life, it becomes fashion to use contact lenses even for eyesight problem. But you should be careful while using them because a little misuse of these lenses can cause major problems in your vision and any major misuse can result in losing complete eyesight loss. There are majority of careless people who do not care about them and use them with carelessness. Here you should remember this rule that these lenses should be worn with extra care and worn out with high care.

Even a single mistake can ruin your life forever. You should have a complete eye exam before using lenses because there are certain eye problems in which contact lenses should not be used. If you wear lenses on daily basis then you should have adequate knowledge about the benefits and disadvantages of each and every type of these lenses and after consultation of your ophthalmologist, you should wear lenses, which suit your eyesight. Here you should also know that extended wear lenses require more care as compared to the lenses used on daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You should also need to know the complete knowledge of cleansing procedures of each type of lenses and solutions. Here you should be known that it is completely forbidden to sleep while wearing contact lenses. All ophthalmologists all over the world warn the lenses wearers to avoid lenses when they are asleep because it causes corneal caner which is life threatening. You should clean the lenses by following step-by-step guideline provided by the manufacturers of contact lenses.

While cleansing, your hands should be washed and rubbed properly with disinfectant soap for not less than five minutes. Here it is highly important to note that you must not to wash lenses with tap water as it creates corneal ulcer, which is produced by the parasites. You should use lenses for the prescribed time limit and don’t use them after the time is expired.

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