Night and Day: Contact Lenses You Can Live In

Focus Night and Day soft contact lenses provide you with the truly extended wear freedom you’ve always dreamed of. For 30 days and nights, you can wear the same pair of contacts without worrying about cleaning them or removing them each night or remembering to insert them each morning. This is the next best thing to having perfect vision.

By designing the Night and Day lenses to deliver six times more oxygen than the average pair of soft contacts, Focus has far surpassed the competition in providing a comfortable lens-wearing experience. Additionally, they have alleviated the concerns many eye care professionals have expressed regarding the long term effects of extended wear contacts on optical health by developing this product to resist the build-up characteristics usually found on traditional contact lenses.

This brand of contacts is a great alternative for those who hate the inconvenience of daily lens care but who either cannot afford or are leery of the dangers related to laser surgery. Even so, they are not for everyone. Some people will find their eyes are too sensitive to go long periods of time with reduced oxygen exposure to their corneas. Others may discover that wearing contacts over night leads to too much discomfort from the dryness that normally occurs from not blinking and rewetting the eyes through the course of the evening. And, unfortunately, if you require astigmatism correction, you will need to find toric contacts instead.

The safest bet before purchasing Night and Day contacts is to discuss your options with your optometrist who can review your eye care history and help you make the right decision based on your unique optical needs. And remember that even if your contact of choice is Night and Day, you may need to vary the amount of time you wear them to accommodate your own sensitivities.

While 30 days is the maximum recommend usage, you may find you are only receiving clear, comfortable wear for 20 days. If that is the case, do not give in to the temptation to continue wearing them. Your eyes are supposed to last a life time. Do your part by treating your eyes with the care they deserve.