Non Prescription Color Contacts

The color of your eyes makes a big difference in the way that other people see you, because colors in a general way create different feelings in people. So if you are looking to portray a certain feeling or message with your eyes you can use non prescription color contacts to change the color of your eyes. If you don’t need an eye correction you can get color contacts with no magnification in them.

When it comes to getting non prescription color contacts there are some precautions you want to take. By doing things incorrectly you can get infections or damage your eyes. It’s never worth risking the functionality of your eyes to change the color of your eyes.

The first thing you want to do is get your color contacts from a reliable source. A company that is well known like AC lens, 1-800-contacts or even straight from your eye doctor. To get contacts from a reputable place you will probably need a prescription.

Now this doesn’t mean that you need to have a prescription for magnification. All it means is that you will have to have an eye exam with your doctor to verify that you don’t need any magnification in your non prescription color contacts. You will also need a fitting which they can do at the same time. Every eye is a different size and shape and that’s why you need a fitting.

Also you never want to share your colored eye contacts with family members, friends, or anyone. This is one of the main causes of eye infections is the sharing of color contact lenses. Also each set of contacts is meant for just 1 person because it was fitted specifically for that persons eyes like mentioned earlier.

Non prescription color contacts are perfectly safe to wear if you do i the right way. Just remember th take these precautions. To some eyes contacts of any kind do cause irritation. Sometimes it just takes time to get use the them. You can get your contacts in a variety of colors and they even have ones with crazy effects for Halloween and costuming.

You can get discounts by purchasing your color contact lenses online after receiving an eye exam and “prescription” from your eye doctor. Some places will give discounts for buying multiple boxes at once as well. You can sometimes even find companies that will do free shipping by buying online.

Color contacts ca be for anyone and work great for making good first impressions. Eyes say a lot about a person and you can really use them t give a specific impression, whether it is while trying to get a new job, going on a first date, or any other situation you want to impress someone.

Writen by Danielle Matheson: For more information visit us.