Non Prescription Contact Lenses – Nanny State Or Genuine Concern?

In our society there is always a very fine line between our own individual rights and freedoms versus the greater good and the balance between these two concepts is something that permeates every facet of our daily lives and routines.

Laws govern us both directly and indirectly and whilst we may not be actually aware of how or indeed why a law affects us in a particular way, the crucial thing to appreciate is that they are always there.

For example. In order to save us from paying excessive prices for goods, legislation is in place to prevent companies from dominating the market and thus setting artificially high prices, and so companies are strictly regulated in a number of ways, so as to better prevent the possibility of the rules being circumvented in someway.

This is a common theme within our society, with an over-arching principle or objective being achieved in a number of different ways.

A more mundane example can be seen with non prescription contact lenses, with legislation passed to more strictly control and regulate these particular items. But what possible issue, could the law be seeking to protect? The answer is rather simple: public health and safety.

Given how delicate our eyes are, and given how equally important they are to our well being and quality of life, the law seeks to in effect, protect us from ourselves, and so the usage, supply and distribution of non prescription contact lenses is very closely and tightly controlled.

Whilst non prescription contact lenses can include the likes of contact lenses which are not intended to be used for correct visionary defects, such as costume or theatrical based lenses, even these innocuous items still require the input of a registered and qualified doctor.

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