Oversized Sunglasses – A Bold Fashion Statement

Many trends in fashion have come and gone throughout the years but one that seems to be staying around a little longer than most trends is oversized sunglasses. The great thing about this trend is it does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon and it is a look that suits almost everyone of any age!

The trend really started decades ago when former first lady Jackie Onassis began wearing oversized sunglasses of every color, shape and style to match every new outfit she donned. Being the fashionable lady that she was, the masses followed suit. The trend died down a little in the years following but oversized sunglasses have been popping up on everyone, everywhere for the last few years.

Oversized sunglasses are a bit of a bold fashion statement but one that is gaining more and more popularity everyday it seems. Everyone is wearing them now. Children, teenagers, parents, seniors, models, musicians and movie stars all seem to be wearing them. I even have a couple of pairs laying around for the two or three days that the sun comes out where I live!

Oversized sunglasses are not hard to come by. You can buy them just about anywhere and there are many brands that suit even the tightest budgets. These sunglasses come in every shape to ensure you get a pair that suits the shape of your face. They come in every color to ensure you can get a pair that matches your skin atone and favorite outfit. You can even buy many pairs to match different outfits! They also come in many brands from department store brands to high-end designer brands. However, most importantly, oversized sunglasses come in every price range from the very, very cheap at around ten dollars to the very, very expensive, which can be in the thousands of dollars. If you are like me, you spring for the cheaper ones because when you get in the car and sit on them, it will not be a big deal to replace them!

When buying a pair of oversized sunglasses, there are things you should consider such as the shape of your face, what you will be wearing them for and what you will be wearing them with. Depending on what activities you are using them for, you may end up paying a little more but you want to make sure you have a pair that is durable enough to withstand your on-the-go lifestyle!