Polarised Fishing Sunglasses

If you enjoy fishing you will know that on a sunny day it can be impossible to see what’s below the surface because of reflected glare from the water. This glare can be eliminated if you use polarised sunglasses.

What is polarisation? A quick physics lesson here. Rays of light can be represented as a wave. Imagine getting a piece of paper and drawing a letter U and then touching that another letter U but upside down. Repeated this would look like a wave (not accurate for all those real physicists who are now shouting at the computer screen that it isn’t a proper sine wave). Draw this wave so that it runs horizontally across the page from right to left. Lay the piece of paper on a table and the peaks and troughs of your wave will be horizontal. Now hold the piece of paper vertically – the wave still runs in the same direction buts its peaks and troughs are now vertical. This is polarisation.

Light reflected from water becomes polarised. The light reflected from water contains more horizontally polarised waves than vertically polarised ones. Polarised sunglasses have lenses that only allow vertically polarised light to pass through so the glare is eliminated.

How can you tell if your glasses are polarised? Hold the glasses in your hand and look at the sky through one lens – look at about 90degrees away from the sun (NEVER look directly at the sun). Now rotate the glasses through 90 degrees. If the brightness of the sky changes then the lenses are polarised.

If you enjoy fishing when the sun is out (and who doesn’t) you will want to find comfortable, custom designed fishing sunglasses. If you need prescription glasses, the Polarised Fishing Sunglasses section at Cheap Prescription Glasses offer affordable, polarised fishing sunglasses fitted with lenses custom made to your own prescription.