Prescription Contact Lens

Contact lenses have become very popular these days. They are a better option to those ugly and uncomfortable glasses. Wearing contact lenses not only enhances your personality but also adds to your looks if they are the colored ones. There are various types of contact lenses available in the market depending upon their usage. There are regular contact lenses, disposable contact lenses, toric contact lenses, extended use contact lenses and many more. The no of Brands Pioneer among those are Bausch And Lomb, Acuvue by Johnson and Johnson, Freshlook By Ciba Vision, Biomedics , and many more.

Most of the contact lenses are available without the prescription of a doctor. Whenever you go for buying a lens, whether through a retail shop or through the Internet, having a prescription of a qualified eye doctor is always better.

Prescription contact lenses are always a better choice. Even if you are planning to buy a Plano contact lens, there are number of parameters that one has to know to get a perfect contact lens. The prescription contact lens takes care that the lens perfectly fits to the base curve of your eye. The prescription contact lens is also according to the diameter of your eyeball. Only prescription contact lenses are capable of rectifying the vision disorders present in your eyes.

A prescription contact lens is very safe and does not slip off your eye. If you go for a non prescription contact lens, there are chances that you may harm your eyes. The continuous usage of such lenses may damage your eyes as they do not properly fit in your eyes and cause discomfort.

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