Prescription For Contact Lens Solutions

Studies show that a slight difference in the formulations of contact lens solutions makes a huge difference in each patient. MPS or also known as Contemporary multipurpose solutions have dramatically improved over the past couple of years. The improvement of such product made the life of each contacts user around the globe so much better.

The original formulation of the solution contained chlorhexidine and thimerasol, both of these ingredients are extremely tough in cleaning, specifically in disinfecting and sensitizing the contact lenses. This strong solution often result into many cases of eye irritation for the patient like red eyes which can be very uncomfortable and can damage their eyes in the long run.

The new breed of solution however, contains various types of ingredients like Polyquad (or in medical term, polyquaternium-1) ), Aldox (myristamidopropyl dimethylamine and PHMB (polyhexamethylene biguanide). These ingredients are kinder to the eyes, and does not usually cause any forms of eye irritation.

The old and new versions of contacts solutions may vary in terms of its reaction to its patience, but aside from that are these two solutions on a par in cleaning and disinfecting the eyewear?

To know the edge of one over the other, first you must know their differences.

Most of eye doctors may say that all contacts solutions in our market are the same, that any solutions can clean and disinfect our contacts. This is logical; you have to understand that doctors need to be fair in every product out there. But if you ask for their recommendations, surely they will have one solution that is very effective over the others from their preference. And this preference of course, varies from one doctor to another.

Differences in the formulation of the solution, no matter how slight they mat be, can make huge effects in terms of performance and reaction on the patient’s eyes. Clinical symptoms of irritations and reactions may vary from one patient to another, if you want to know what’s best for you that will not irritate your eyes; you have to consult your doctor for special prescription.

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