Prescription Free Contact Lens – Illegal? But Why?

Love it or loathe it, the law applies to us all, and so towers above us all as a force that cannot be argued or reasoned with nor can it be extorted. Laws whilst designed to protect the common good, and the citizens of a State may seem to the average person (or indeed the people who are directly affected by that particular law) may seem draconian, illogical, even unreasonable.

To us, we regard that law as nothing more than the busybody interference by the State, that seems so keen to strip us of our personal freedoms and restrict the way in which we live our lives. In reality, whilst no law is nor ever can be perfect, it is crucial that we remember that the laws are there for a good reason.

Prescription free contact lens are commodities which are becoming ever increasingly rarer by the day as the government has passed a number of laws which are seeking to more tightly regulate the supply and availability of contact lenses. This means that regardless whether you purchase contact lenses from a store or online (via the internet) you will need to provide a valid prescription signed by a registered doctor before you can obtain the items in question. Why is there so much red tape, over acquiring prescription free contact lens? It’s not like they are a key component in a military grade weapon!

The issue here, is one of public health and safety. There was a very high number of people who developed quite severe eye infections as a result of using certain types of contact lenses, and so in the interest of free trade as well as public health, the government passed this legislation.

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