Procedure to Clean Hard Contacts

The maintenance for hard contact lenses, which are made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA), is needed since they are more rigid than the soft ones. There are many advantages and disadvantages to hard contact lenses. Some of the advantages to hard contacts are that they allow oxygen to reach your eye, so you won’t have to worry about them drying your eyes out. The process for cleaning soft contacts differs from cleaning your hard contact lenses.

The tools you will need to properly clean your contacts are:

• Clean towel

• Hand Soap

• Daily cleaner solution- To clarify on the hard contact cleaning solution, it is important to find the best possible solution for hard lenses, the most appropriate one that should be used is the one that is purchase with the contacts once you leave the doctor’s office, if you run out you may want to contact your doctor to purchase more.

• Contact lens case

Step 1- Anytime you are handling your contacts make sure that you always wash your hands thoroughly. Antibacterial soap that does not contain any fragrances is the ideal type of soap to use.

Step 2- This next step can be done two ways, you can take one contact lens out at a time and clean them or if you have a contact lens case, which can be purchased at your local drugstore if you do not have one given to you from your doctor, you can take them both out. Place either the left or the right contact lens in the palm of your hand.

Step 3- Once you have the contact lens in your hand, you will place a few drops of the daily cleaner solution on the contact lens itself. You will take your index finger and rub the lens for approximately 30 seconds applying minimal pressure, take care not to prolong this step cause then you may run the risk of tearing the lens.

Step 4- Repeat step 3 with the other contact lens.

Step 5- You can very carefully rinse the lens under lukewarm water. You will not need any special solution for this step, the reason this is, is because people choose hard contact lenses for their durability.

Step 6- Take your contact lens case and fill the case with contact solution so that once you have rinsed the lenses you will then place them in the contact case.

If you follow these steps, the advice from your doctor and soak your lenses every night, hard contacts can actually last you as long as 2-3 years, this is as long as you do not require a change in prescription.


• Always contact your doctor if you have any questions about the care of your lenses, or if you run into any complications.

• Make sure that the cleaner is rinsed completely from the lens, since it can irritate your eyes, if this occurs remove lenses and thoroughly rinse your eye. Re-rinse the lens again or complete the steps above.