Purevision Contact Lenses – What You Should Know About This Eye Product

The Purevision range of contact lenses is manufactured by Bausch & Lomb. These were the first lenses manufactured by the company using AerGel material. This material combined with other truly amazing properties combine to give you a product that spells clear vision with a never there feeling that is foremost among lenses.

These contact lenses are made of a material that increases oxygen permeability and remains moist all day long. You also get a debris free experience paired with a comfortable feel due to its rounded edges. All of this for 30 days in the monthly disposable packs.

This lens range is available in multifocal variants that are great for those who need bifocals. If you have problem with near vision as the year pass by, you could choose these lenses to help you with vision at all distances. The lens range also includes a special subset for those with astigmatism.

These lenses are made of a revolutionary material called AerGel. This material is basically composed of a silicone hydro gel matrix that is designed to allow the natural flow of oxygen to the eye. It acts in such a manner that the eye receives oxygen almost as if the lens is just not there.

This material also provides excellent flexibility and resistance to the build up of debris on the lens. The AerGel also helps to keep the surface of the user’s eyes moist. this gives users more comfort and helps to maintain the regular level of moisture in the eyes.

The resistance to debris is also aided by the Performa surface process that helps to keep eyes healthy and infection free. The rounded edges of the lenses are designed to give a comfortable fit. This ensures that the lens edge does not irritate your eye. Rather, it sits on your eye is a gentle manner and prevent eye irritation and visual blurring.

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