Purple Colored Contacts

Many brands manufacture different hues of violet colored contacts. The cool thing about wearing violet lenses is that you can change your look by sporting different violet shaded contacts from scary to cute and more.

The number of people sporting purple colored contacts has been on the rise. These violet colored contacts come in various captivating shades along with UV lenses. Purple eyes stand out in a crowd and add a new dimension to your look. Many brands manufacture different hues of this violet colored lens. It is one of the best color contacts that is available in the market these days. Each lens comes in many popular designs and life spans to suit your budget and your complexion.

If you want to get purple colored contacts, you do not necessarily have to get a prescription to buy them, but you can purchase them online too. Lenses that are worn just to change the color of the eye, but not for vision correction require no prescriptions. These contacts are sometimes referred to as violet lenses, so if you get no hits for ‘purple lenses’, search for ‘violet contact lenses’. However, any of the best colored contacts manufacturers who stock aqua lenses, black lenses, greens lenses and more, will definitely have purple colored lenses on sale too.

Violet contact lenses come in three different styles. The first type of contact lenses is designed to make it easier for you to see the contact lenses when you are taking it out or putting them back in. This does not change your eye color, but the slight coloring of the lenses is strictly for practical purposes. The second type is when you can actually see the violet tint: that is called the enhancement tint. This is designed to partially alter or enhance the color of your eyes. The lighter the color of your eyes, the more effect the lenses have on your eyes. The third type of contacts are the ones that have deep color tints and are designed to change the color of your eyes completely. If you have dark eyes, then you require a darker shade of violet lenses.

The best color contacts are made in specific colors and shades, keeping in mind dark eyes. All you need to do is pick the shade that works well with your dark eyes and are easily noticed. Purple lenses are in much demand as they are often used in dramas, movies and theaters. Natural purple eyes are very uncommon, but sporting the lenses is very common.

One cool thing about turning your eyes purple with Violet Contact Lenses is that you can change your look by sporting different violet shaded contacts from scary to cute and more. The best ambassador for this Best Color Contacts is none other than the famed celebrity Elizabeth Taylor.