Ray Ban Sunglasses – A Combination of Functionality and Style

A day out in the park, when the weather is fine and everything looks good, everyone is in a happy mood and everything just looks perfect, can only be ruined by one thing – if you’ve forgot to take your sunglasses with you. Sunglasses provide protection from the harmful rays of the sun, so it’s good if you have them on you. They provide the comfort you need to keep up your activities without having to nearly close your eyes each time the light becomes brighter.

There’s another reason people like to wear sunglasses,and that’s because it gives them a certain personal style, some defining characteristics to how they dress and what accessories they use. That’s the reason why nowadays we have so many different shapes of frames and lenses, so many different colors and many different brands.

One of the most interesting brands of sunglasses is called Ray Ban. Most of you have probably heard about Ray Ban – if not about their history, then at least the name. What’s unique about these glasses is the models they make – most of them are unisex and they’re shaped in a way you couldn’t mistake them for anything else.

A little history – Ray Ban started when the US army made an order to a certain company to develop aviator sunglasses that would filter the glare of the sun, produced by many different surfaces, because it was too hard for aviators to know what they’re doing when the confusing and irritating glare was stuck in their eyes. With this came Ray Ban’s debut in 1937, and the company has been producing various goods ever since then – many different models with the best lenses and the best frames.

Let’s take a look at one of the most commonly bought products made by Ray Ban – the Ray Ban Aviator. These glasses have the iconic teardrop shape that you have seen in many and different movies. In the US, they’re also very popular with policemen and military pilots. Moving on from the shape of the lens, it is actually polarized in order to block the annoying glare we discussed earlier, making the Ray Bans one of the most practical sunglasses you can get on the market – ones that don’t only look good, but also do what they’re made to do.

The frames, at least at first, were made out of metal, and the Aviator is one of the models that still uses metal frames. To be more specific, the frames are made out of titanium and are really durable. They withstand quite a lot of sitting on, accidental dropping and many other daily hazards, making them perfectly strong and a good investment if you have the money to get them.

As it is understandable, such a great quality comes at a higher price than regular sunglasses, but Ray Bans are still not that expensive. They’re affordable,so to say. So if you want to make a choice of sunglasses that really fit you – use Ray Ban.