Replace Contact Lenses at Reasonable Intervals

For a relatively long period of time, eyeglasses are some of the most widely used vision aiding devices by sufferers of certain eye problems. However, some of them find that glasses may affect their personal images and contact lenses come into being as a result. Lenses come into great popularity since their emergence. But one point is people should know something more before they wear contact lenses.

Almost all contact lens users should know how to maintain these lenses and how long should these lenses be replaced, if they want to enjoy great eye health. Knowing this is very important.

On the whole, lenses must be placed within their duration. But lenses of different sorts have different expiry time. Daily disposable lenses refer to those must be replaced everyday. And there are also weekly or fortnight disposable lenses. Basically, the shorter the time is, the safer it might be- less bacteria and waste will be left. Extend eye wear refer to those can be worn for relatively longer time, like several weeks. Frequent replacement series are those lenses that can be used for even longer time, like one month, three month or even a year. No matter what these lenses are, they must be well prescribed by eye doctors and cleanly maintained.

It seems that the aforesaid lenses can be worn for certain time, but eyes can not stand such long duration in some cases, due to personal factors. Therefore, people should make sure that their lenses are suitable for their personalized needs. Especially, those with sensitive eyes should shorten the replacing intervals.

If wearers do not replace their lenses within certain duration, their eyes will suffer greatly. This is because many organic wastes may be accumulated on lenses as time goes by. And these wastes are warm bed for bacteria and other harmful microbes, which may cause great vision damage. Keep mind, replace lenses at certain intervals.

There is also a mistake many lenses users often made- they wear lenses more than the expiry time, so as to save some money. But the results can be catastrophic; the cost of rescuing this foolish deed is much greater than what they have saved.