Revitalize Your Eyes With Colored Contact Lenses

There is no alteration to the way you look that is more stunning than changing the color of your eyes. Colored contact lenses make it easy to change your look that reflects your style, your mood, or to simply try something new and fun. Modern lenses can be as dramatic – for a bold statement or as subtle – for a gentle wash of color, as you want them to be. The lenses are prescribed and adjusted by an eye care professional and are safe and comfortable.

You might use colored contact lenses to emphasize your eyes. For example if you have blue eyes then you might where colored lenses that create and azure blue effect, or if you have green eyes then you might go for a bright emerald color. Alternatively you might use colored contacts to change the color of your eyes.

More dramatically colored lenses are available for costume wear, changing your entire eye or just the iris. There are a multitude of styles including vampire, alien, cat or zombie. There is a combination for just about any costume or get up that you could possibly imagine. Contact lenses can even be manufactured for special effects. These are more durable but are expensive and take some time to create as many have to be hand-colored.

You can really have a lot of fun with colored lenses, creating many different looks and images. Remember as the lenses still need to be fitted by an eye specialist there should be no reason why there would be any risk arising from using them, so why not give them a try. You never know, you may get addicted.

My name is Liz Hatpail and I love using coloured contact lenses to create a special look. I have created a site which looks at all aspects of coloured lenses