Save Some Serious Cash on Contacts

When you think about it, getting and wearing contact lenses can be expensive. You have a doctor’s examination, the contact lens prescription, cleaning solution, re-wetting drops and new lens cases among other things. When you take your contacts out, you’ll need glasses, frames and eyeglasses cleaning products as well. So how can someone save some cash on all of this? There are a few, easy ways.

The first way to save some money on contact lenses is to use your Health Savings Account (HSA) to buy all that you need. You can pay for your eye doctor’s bill, lens cleaner, lens prescriptions, lens cases as well as other health related items. It’s a tax free account that comes from your net income and is deducted from your paycheck, so that means you save 25 to 30% or more right there. With a HSA account, it’s just like a checking account, so you get a debit card and medical and health care items are paid for instantly from your current balance. It’s easy.

You’ll also want to watch for sales and special deals on contact lenses, glasses, frames and accessories. This may sound like a no-brainer but are you doing it? Sign up for e-newsletter lists from places like Sears Optical, 1-800-Contacts or Lens Crafters and don’t do anything until there’s a sale. You may even want to wait for a few sales to go buy so that you can judge how good an eye wear sale is.

You can even get contact lenses for free. When you go for your annual eye doctor appointment and get your prescription, get prices on contacts from your doctor. Also ask them to check online and phone order distributors. They have good prices and doing just a little shopping around can literally save you hundreds. Then instead of placing an order right then, see if you can order trial pairs of contacts from different manufacturers. You have an updated prescription now, so you can easily order trial contact from several different manufacturers.

There’s a lot of competition, so contact lens manufacturers will let you try their brand for free in hopes that you will like their lenses the best. Doing this is also smart because you may find that you like one brand way much more than other brands. You would have never known that if you didn’t try out many kinds. In doing this, you are also saving a few months’ worth of contact lenses, thus saving you cash.

Do all of these things and you’ll find that you can save quite a bit of money on contacts.

Find out even more information about how to get contacts for free along with other information about contacts and eye care at Jaxon’s website, Free Contact Lenses Guide.