Serengeti Sunglasses

If you have recently lost a pair of sunglasses and are in the market for new ones then it is almost certain that you are considering multiple brands. This would be a wise decision because comparing various brands and multiple products within it would lead to you making the perfect purchase. One brand that you may have come across but not truly appreciated would be Serengeti Sunglasses, possible because of lack of knowledge or awareness of the brand. Here are some details and considerations which would remedy this.

1. Serengeti is a brand of designer sunglasses that has been around since the 1980s. In the beginning, Serengeti was owned by Corning Incorporated which is a company better known for its product lines of Corelle and Pyrex.

2. Back in 1984, the parent company Corning was considering closing Serengeti because of its poor performance. However, the condition of Serengeti was turned around by a man named Zaki Mustafa. He brought the company around from sales worth USD 5 million in 1985 to USD 62 million in 1992 without any increment in the resources at his disposal. Owing to this, the story of Serengeti is often cited as an example of exemplary management skills.

3. Following this metaphoric resuscitation of the brand, it was acquired by the Bushnell Corporation which traces its roots to 1948.

4. It has been proven repeatedly by the media that Serengeti designer sunglasses are patronized by Pope Benedict XVI which is a major achievement for any commercial scale product. Furthermore, it is also believed that Pope Benedict XVI wore the classic model of the company.

5. Serengeti designer sunglasses is truly a global brand as it can be found in the far reaches of the planet. The brand caters to markets in North America, Europe, Australia, Asia, Latin America and even Africa.

6. In North America, Serengeti designer sunglasses can be found in four collections including the flex series, the sport classic, the classic, the cosmopolitan and the most recent polar PhD.

7. There are primarily three technologies that Serengeti designer sunglasses can be found in. These include.

a. The photochromic technology:

This is a technology that can impart significant levels of flexibility to any lens as it allows it to adjust to changing light almost instantly.

b. The spectral control technology:

This type of technology is one of the recent ones. It can improve the vision by providing high definition contrast and enhanced quality of colors by way of filtering the right colors from the whole spectrum of light.

c. The polarization technology:

The glare and the sudden brightness that can happen while on the road due to some shiny surface or water can result in a lot of discomfort. This technology looks to deal with this problem by almost removing 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays.

The quality of Serengeti designer sunglasses is only surpassed by the quality of its design and fashion friendly styles which is why if you are looking to purchase sunglasses, you should consider Serengeti.