Shopping For Acuvue Contact Lenses


There are several distinct advantages of going with Acuvue contact lenses and Johnson & Johnson have really put themselves in the wearers position to make what is now the most widely doctor prescribed lens brand on the market.

Paramount to wearing contact lenses is comfort and Acuvue have spared no effort in making this a top priority in all of their products. You must be completely comfortable when you see – this is the number one factor wearers cite when selecting their lenses.

This is why Acuvue employed patented technology throughout most of their line where moisture addition/infusion was integral to the end result of crisp, comfortable vision. What distinguishes their technology like LACREAN and Hydraclear Plus is these do not simply coat the outside surface of the lens rather; they have opted to either make it part of the actual lens composition or permanently infused so the wearer gets a consistently smooth and uninterrupted comfort level.

Another element that contributes to such exceptional comfort is the Hydraclear technology which lets your eyes breathe(assisting in keeping them moist) by letting in just about all available oxygen. This gives you a lightweight feeling by letting in air.

Something else that factors heavily in wearer comfort is not just moisture but revolutionary design that seamlessly synergizes with your eyes.

For example, the Acuvue Advance and Acuvue Oasys for Astigmatism products both have a technology called Accelerated Stabilization Design (ASD) which effectively works by using the energy when you blink to keep the lenses firmly in place.

It achieves this solid locking mechanism by spreading the stability points into four regions in the lens instead of one or two which many competing lenses have. This gives you the most comfortable, crisp vision possible irrespective of your condition.

The third key advantage Acuvue contact lenses offer is protection from the harmful UV rays. These rays are invisible yet most people get exposed to them daily. When you wear any Acuvue lens however, they have a built-in UV-A & UV-B radiation shield which block the vast majority of rays that can contribute to a wide range of eye ailments.

Consider it your eyes’ “sunscreen” and when you combine this with a good quality pair of sunglasses, you obtain the maximum possible protection all while enjoying the best vision any contact lens can offer.

Even if you suffer from allergies, you can always opt to slip on a fresh pair of Acuvue’s daily disposable lenses which won’t hold any allergens like pollen and other irritants over extended lens wear.

Whether you’re exposed to a lot of UV, air conditioning, need multifocals, suffer from astigmatism or presbyopia, Acuvue have made a product that will help.

Be sure to consult your qualified eye care professional for a prescription.

Shopping Tips

Be sure to check if there’s any applicable rebates/coupons for the exact lens you’re looking for. Check the Coupon Code page since merchants sometimes run spur of the moment specials on any of the Acuvue range. In case you do find a rebate – these are all mail in type rebates. You need to mail it off to get your rebate. If there’s a special discount or coupon code, enter it into the special code field at checkout

For maximum bang for your buck, purchase 12-month instead of 6-month supplies. All of these merchants give you far better shipping rates as well as discount incentives when you do so. Obviously the cost per box decreases as quantity increases.

What if you’re unsure of where to price compare these lenses?

It can get extremely tedious and frustrating jumping from store to store trying to accurately compare but if you wish to do so, there is a much better and easier solution. This in fact, will put everything in one place so you can quickly and easily compare without having to search all over the Web and the resource works exceptionally well.

Head over to the main section where all Acuvue contact lenses are thoroughly reviewed. It’s a very quick and simple way to pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for.

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