Should Teenagers Wear Contact Lenses?

Although we tend to think of contact lenses as being relatively harmless, they are a medical aid and need to be treated seriously. Teenagers can wear contact lenses safely but need to take precautions.

In terms of suitability, most health experts agree that it is possible for individuals to wear contact lenses from the age of 13. If you want to know whether your teenagers are able to wear contact lenses then you’ll need to consult an optician or eye specialist to find out.

One issue to consider is that of responsibility. Contact lenses do require a responsible approach, ensuring that they are not worn for longer than they should be and also to ensure that they are treated correctly.

Before allowing your teenage son or daughter to wear contacts, you’ll need to consider whether you feel that they are responsible enough to do so. It’s obviously an important decision, as inappropriate use of lenses can cause problems.

There is no standard advice on when teenagers reach a certain age at which they can be expected to take on the appropriate level of responsibility – it’s likely to be a judgement call on your part.

One obvious advantage of contact lenses, as viewed by many teenagers, is in terms of appearance. A change in appearance can be achieved, when compared to spectacles, which is often a motivation in making the move to contacts.

Some teenagers worry that making use of contact lenses will be a painful experience. If contacts are used and treated correctly then wearing them should be a pain-free experience. Again, this really comes down to them taking responsibility for looking after each contact lens.

There are certainly advantages to teenagers wearing contact lenses – the important thing is to make them aware of the level of responsibility involved and of the importance of following medical advice at all stages of the process.

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