Silicone Hydrogel Contact Lens For Refreshed Vision

More and more people know switch from using regular reader eyeglasses to reader contact lenses. These people find contacts more comfortable and safer to use as it is worn directly under the eyelids. Compared to reader eyeglasses there’s a very little risk of breakage in contacts, you don’t have to be extra cautious while wearing this eyewear as it won’t drop from your eyes and fall to the ground easily.

One common problem in using this eyewear though is our eyes are different from one another. Not everyone gets the full advantage of this eyewear; some eyes don’t really produce enough water to freshen up the stressed eyes. Thus, some find it uncomfortable to use this eyewear.

Most contacts are made up of polymer for better vision. The problem with this compound though is that, it is not oxygen permeable. Meaning, it does not really allow enough oxygen to get through the eyes. It only uses the lens’s water to send some oxygen to the eyes, but most of the time this is not enough to refresh the eyes.

The rising demand for this eyewear led the manufacturers to produce more efficient and yet more comfortable versions, one new good version of the lens is the silicon hydrogel type. This type of lens uses silicon polymer, a material far more comfortable to wear than its regular counterparts because it allows more moisture to the eyes as it has permeable surface to cover the eyes.

If you love wearing contact lens, you might want consider buying this new type of lens for a more comfortable everyday wear. There are versions of this lens that can last even up to 30 days.

Silicon hydrogel allows significant amount of oxygen to get through the lenses and reach the cornea of your eyes. It is the oxygen that helps replenish and refresh the eyes from wind with dust and dirt. With the porous surface of the silicon hydrogel, it can keep the eyes replenished and fresh all day.

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