Some Facts About Monthly Contact Lenses

With advancement in fashion industry, contact lenses have become the popular choice for many people. Nowadays, everyone is interested in adopting these lenses and their use is continuously increasing. Use of contact lens is a growing trend among all kinds of people including those associated with fashion industry plus a common man. Everyone is so enthusiastic and crazy about these lenses. This is the basic reason behind that each and every day, new types and varieties are introduced.

Here in this article I will explain some facts about super convenient monthly lenses. These are more popular choice nowadays. As the name shows, these lenses cannot be reused after a specific period. They are just for a single month. Contact lenses of this type are widely adopted by those people who are so crazy and enthusiastic about them. Moreover, if we look at these contact lenses according to health guidelines, we will see that they are also prescribed items by the doctors. Doctors recommend and prefer the use of these lenses.

In early time of their formation, these monthly lenses were mostly manufactured with a material known as HEMA. However, currently, they are made of Silicon Hydro Gel. This material is used because of the fact that it is oxygen permeable and allows five times more oxygen to eyes.

Remember, these lenses come with cleaning liquid that must be used on regular basis to clean the lens. Basically, when we use the lens, a protein based fluid sits on the surface that should be cleaned. Otherwise, this fluid may cause irritations and various other infections within the eyes. So, it is very essential to clean the lens at regular basis. Moreover, lens should be stored as prescribed by the manufacturers. Monthly lenses are usually designed in a way that they require less maintenance and care. And this is the biggest reason that made these lenses more popular and hot in demand.

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