Stylish Disposable and Annual Colored Contact Lens

Contacts now go beyond from being a tool for correcting poor eye vision to fashionable and stylish accessories that can compensate with your fashion style. People who love to change the color of their eyes use contacts. If you are planning to wear and change the color of your eyes, then colored contact lens is perfect for you, however for you to get the best colored contacts, it is best to read some tips on what color you should have to make your eyes look more beautiful and striking.

There are so many kinds of colored contacts available in our market right now, but all of these kinds can be break down into two types, the disposable and the non-disposable contacts. Disposable contacts last from 1 day to a maximum of 2 weeks, some disposable though can last up to 1 month. Non-disposable contacts are the traditional contacts, this lenses can last up to a year.

These two has both their advantages and disadvantages. Disposable contacts for example, are considered as healthier options for your eyes. This type of lens is digitally printed. It is also thinner, thus it allows more oxygen to get through the lens and reach the cornea of the eyes. Second, because it is disposable, there are less protein build-ups in the lens that can hurt your eyes. Third, replacing disposable contacts regularly keep your eyes free from any forms of bacterial infection.

One of the most popular brands in disposable lenses is the Acuvue2. Acuvue also has colored contacts, so if you want to wear colored lenses, this brand is good for you.

Non-disposable contact lenses on the other hand are not literally non-disposable, as you would have to replace it annually. Annual replacement lenses are hand painted.

Before you purchase colored lens, it is important to know what kind of colored contacts fits for you. For colored lenses, it is important to give the eyes not just bright color, but also a natural look. If you look very closely at your eyes in front of the mirror you will see patters on floors covering your iris.

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