Sunglasses – What’s Hot For Summer 2010?

One piece of attire that is always popular during the warmer months is sunglasses. Whether it be for eye protection against ultra-violet rays, to complete that summer look, or even to cover up the previous nights activities, there is a pair of sunglasses for every occasion, want and desire. Some of this season’s best new releases are detailed below…

Oakley Fuel Cell: These sunglasses are instantly recognizable as being Oakley. They adopt the same general style as Oakley’s previous ranges of sunglasses, but add a new touch of style with the designs that come printed on the frame. The frame itself is made from a stress resistant material, meaning that the sunglasses can take a few bangs and knocks, yet also manage to remain lightweight. The lenses are as good as you will find, with one hundred of the sun’s harmful rays being kept out.

Bolle Piranha: If you plan to be out in the sun playing sports this summer then the Piranha from Bolle are the sunglasses for you. They are very durable, extremely flexible and are made in such a way that they do not move about when you run. As well as being functional, they also make the grade in terms of style. For baseball and cricket players, cyclists, rowers, etc. you will not be able to find a more perfect pair of sunglasses for your needs.

Tom Ford Brigitte: Tom Ford, a former creative director at Gucci, has raised the style stakes with his latest venture into the sunglasses market. His brand’s Brigitte sunglasses have a unique crossover of the frames at the bridge of the nose which results in a cool, refined look. The lenses are cut short just before the nose, and the tubular shaped arms are made from lightweight acetate.

Ray-Ban Clubmaster 2156: 1950s chic is back again. The Ray-Ban Clubmasters are once again returning to the forefront of retro fashion. With their modern sun protective coating, and a design that was last popular around the 1980s, the 2156s are Ray-Ban’s latest evolution of the iconic Clubmaster. Sporting a wider lens and more detailing than their predecessors, the 2156s are becoming more popular now than they have ever been.