Sunglasses Women Like and Love – A Style For Every Preference

There are many types of sunglasses women like. The problem is that what is popular about a pair of shades in the spring may be completely unpopular by the time summer hits. The favorites of today could be based on shape, size, color…or even the outfits that they look good with! The obvious solution to this problem? Buy all of your favorites! Mix and match so that you can always accessorize in style. They are sort of like shoes, you can never have too many!

One of the colors of sunglasses women consider must have’s are black. Black goes with anything. A pair of shades in black can be worn to work with a cute suit and a nice pair of kitten heels. They can be worn to Sunday brunch with a really glam dress and some gladiator sandals. They are the go to for everyday wear. Tortoiseshell is always a favorite. Neutrals go with anything and tortoiseshell is the classic neutral in women’s wear. Either of these choices are always a good back up if you are not sure of the current fashions. If you are feeling a bit more bold, white is always a standout choice.

As far as fashion conscious options go, sunglasses women might choose could be anything from big and bold to colored and catlike. A recent style seen on the runways were the oversized glasses. These are so large that they not only cover the eye, but the entire brow and part of the cheek as well. As fashions will be, this style comes and goes. It is nice to have a pair around, because whether they are in or out at this particular moment, they are sure to be in again! The style that is just starting to pop back up on the red carpet is the wayfarer. Originally, a big hit in the 80’s, these are making a huge comeback.

Another factor behind the choice of sunglasses women wear is facial shape. A flattering pair of shades can play up the shape of someone’s face. Square faces look good in softly rounded frames. Someone with a round face may look best in frames that have angular features. Rimless shades look nice on an angular face, while an oval shaped face can ease by with just about any style!

A big factor in the sunglasses women buy is the cost. The prices of glasses can range from several dollars all the way to several thousand dollars. While a woman is likely to shell out some serious cash for a classic style that will match everything, she is much less likely to spend a ton on a passing fad. Moreover, for the woman that tends to lose everything; she is also the person that is likely to pick up a cheap pair at the drug store! Now, if she could stop losing things, all of that money could go toward one really nice pair of designer shades that could last for years!