The Basic Types of Contact Lenses

Normal framed glasses are fast being replaced by contact lenses whether as a tool for vision correction or as a fashion accessory. Contacts are easy to use, maintain, replace and clean and are less visible than eyeglasses. They have higher aesthetic appeal than normal eyeglasses and have the ability to correct various eye problems. Contact lenses are available in different tints and colors and can be replaced depending on the user’s preference. There are basically two forms of contacts, the rigid gas permeable contact lenses and the soft contact lenses.

Rigid gas-permeable or RGP lenses are made from malleable plastic material and allow free inflow of air into the eyes. They provide the best vision among all other contact lenses allowing your eyes to adjust to them easily in a short period of time. They are convenient and comfortable to wear and simple to take off. Care and maintenance for these lenses is simple as they have a lengthy life span if treated properly. Despite that lens wearers need to visit opticians regularly to follow up on maintenance and replacement. RGP lenses are usually more slippery than other lenses and easily allow foreign bodies into the eye and hence, must be worn and handled with utmost care and attention.

Soft lenses contain a combination of soft polymer plastic and water and oxygen can easily get through these lenses to ensure healthy eyes. Most of them also come with UV protection to protect the eyes from the harmful rays of the sun. There are various types of soft contacts including 1-day disposable lenses which are replaced every day with fresh ones. It is ideal for people who cannot regularly clean and maintain conventional contact lenses especially people who travel a lot. It is also appropriate for people whose lenses need frequent cleaning in a day due to irritation caused by overproduction of protein by the eyes. Although they are more expensive than most contact lenses disposables reduce the chances of eye infections to the barest minimum and give users increased level of comfort.

Silicone – based extended wear disposable soft contact lenses made from silicone hydro gel allow users a full month use with the worry of replacement. They require more cleaning compared to daily disposable contact lenses but are relatively cheaper. Cleaning is required but not in great amounts like the RGP lenses. Compared to rigid gas-permeables, these contacts allow lesser buildup of protein and decreased risk of eye infection.

High definition lenses are designed for users who need better and clearer vision at night. They help produce sharper vision and also filter light for increased comfort.

Toric contact lenses were created for users with astigmatism and comes in both soft and RGP types. Toric contacts for astigmatism usually come with two types of curvatures, one for correction of astigmatism and the other for correction of either short sightedness or long sightedness.

Prosthetic lenses are specially designed for users with eye diseases, natural eye defects or users with eye defects and disfigurements caused by trauma and helps to hide these eye defects. Some are also made to shield the eyes from deterioration caused by too much light entering the eye and keep the excess lights out, providing much needed relief and comfort to the user.

Although commonly worn by younger people and particularly women, contact lenses are extremely convenient for people who travel frequently and lead active lifestyles. is a great place to compare prices and find the latest coupons from top retailers for your popular contact lens brands.