The Benefits of Theatrical Contact Lenses

Movies, television shows, comic books, and novels all help to shape our lives these days. They shape the latest trends and they offer up dozens and dozens of new styles, every single day. One of the ways that popularity manifests is in the creation and production of theatrical contact lenses. These cosmetic lenses have been appearing in a lot of movies recently. As Frodo, Elijah Wood wore them in the Lord of the Rings series. Edward Norton wore them in his incredibly popular portrayal of the Incredible Hulk. Twilight, the recent vampire blockbuster, has a whole new kind of vampire contact lenses getting scooped up left and right. Last but not least, Vin Diesel’s turn as Riddick in Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick also has more and more people looking to buy that particular kind of lenses.

One of the reasons novelty and cosmetic contacts are so popular is because it really changes the appearance of whomever is wearing them. That is why they are not just popular in Hollywood. People who appear on stage can attest to the fact that contact lenses are the new must have prop in the theater world. Stage actors are not the only ones who make use of them, by any means. Even ballet dancers putting on lavish production have been known to make use of the singular way theatrical contact lenses allow you to slip in a new persona.

Of course, we absolutely cannot forget about musicians, especially the rock and pop stars who are known for putting on in depth, incredibly detailed shows. Marilyn Manson helped to make the use of colored and cosmetic contact lenses popular in the music scene. He did not rely on anything as standard as simple blue, green, or brown colored contact lenses, though. His trademark tended to be a white, opaque lens in at least one eye. Sometimes, his contacts sported a design. You can do that, you know. Swirls, checkers, even stripes – just about any neat contact lens design you can dream up probably already exists.

Once upon a time, you had to choose basically between things like red contacts, white contacts, and lenses meant to look like cat’s eyes. Nowadays, however, although those are still popular choice, there are literally dozens, if not hundreds, more. You can look like a vampire, a zombie, a snake. You can even get all over sclera contacts which will change the color of your entire eyeball, not just the iris.

It must be said, however, that performers are not the only people who can enjoy the effects of theatrical contact lenses. You do not even have to wait until Halloween or some other holiday or special occasion to try them out. Some people like to wear them from day to day. You might not necessarily want to wear something as outlandish as cat eye lenses every single day, but you can still feel free to change the color of your eyes to fit your mood – whether you need a prescription or not.

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