The Best Way to Care for Your Acuvue Colored Contacts

Changing your eye color with Acuvue colored contacts is great, but caring for them can be a challenge. Whether you use Acuvue or another brand of soft colored lenses, you may not know how to care for them properly. This applies as much if you’re new to wearing contacts wearers as it does if you’ve been wearing them for years and have developed bad habits. Keep in mind that poor care of your contacts can cause real eye problems down the road, so take care with your contacts.

For starters, don’t clean your contacts with tap water. Most people know not to do this with traditional hard contacts, because the minerals in water can build up over time on the lens. But what you may not realize is that your contacts build up deposits every day just because you’re wearing them, and lens cleaning solutions break down those deposits and disinfect so that they’re deposit and bacteria free when you put them back in your eyes.

Acuvue soft colored contact lenses are delicate, and tap water contains chlorine and other minerals that can damage the lens, as well as carrying micro-organisms that can lead to infection. With the exception of disposable lenses, you should clean your contacts after every wearing, and use a clean, appropriate contacts case for storage.

You should only wear contacts for the recommended time, whether it’s a day, a week or a month. If the require removal and cleaning every day, do so, and if you feel your eyes are becoming dry, remoisten your contacts before removing them to avoid damaging the lens or your eye. Always handle your Acuvue colored contacts with clean, dry hands. As tempting as it may be to wash your hands with perfumed soaps or use sunscreen or hand lotion, be very careful that it never comes in contact with your lenses.

If you wear eye makeup, put your contacts in before applying eye shadow and mascara, and take them out before using eye makeup remover. If you get eye shadow, hairspray or any other irritant in your eye, don’t rub your eyes – take out your lenses first and clean them in contact lens solution before the next wear. And if you ever think you have an infection or have damaged your eye, see your eye doctor immediately, and be sure to remove your Acuvue colored contacts.

Dean Iggo is the webmaster of ContactLensesReviewed where you can find reviews and information on contact lenses, eye surgery and more..