The Best Way to Insert and Remove Contact Lenses

Inserting and removing contact lenses requires practice. If you have never worn contact lenses you will have to get used to taking them out of your eyes and putting them back in on a regular basis. Whilst you are undergoing your contact lens fitting with you optician you may have had the opportunity to insert and remove your contact lenses under his supervision. However, once you are on your own there is no other option but to keep practicing.

To the uninitiated inserting and removing contact lenses can be somewhat fiddly and certainly requires patience. After a short while this process becomes easier and easier and your lenses will feel better. Many of us find that the first few attempts are awkward but after some time and effort it becomes second nature. Before you get started it is in your interests to review the advice below which may help you with your first attempt.

The most important thing to do prior to inserting your contact lenses is to make sure that your hands are spotlessly clean and dry. The best way to insert your contact lens is to rest the contact on the tip of your index finger in its concave position and apply a little solution to the central area of the lens. Take your thumb pull down the lower part of the eye into which you are placing your contact and look up. You are now in a position to insert you contact lens that is on the tip of your index finger. Allow the contact lens to adjust before closing your eye. It sounds easy and it is but you may find that you have to make several attempts until you are satisfied that your lenses feel comfortable.

Removing contact lenses requires the same principles of hygiene as inserting them. Once you have ensured that your hands are perfectly clean and dry you will be able to remove the contact lens. Simply raise your eye and you can pull out the lens from the sides with your finger and thumb. This process is quite simple and most people find that they are successful on their first attempt. However, if the contact lens proves to be elusive you may find that by adding a few eye drops your eyes will be more lubricated and the lens should come out easily.

The benefits of contact lens are many and they have helped millions of people in their quest for better vision without having to wear eye glasses. A few people may be a little reticent about using them because they seem difficult to use. This really couldn’t be further from the truth and with practice most don’t give another thought to putting them in or taking them out of their eyes. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect.

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