The Correct Sunglasses for Macular Degeneration

When choosing the correct sunglasses for macular degeneration it is important to understand several components of sunglasses design. First, and most important you must understand the lens. Most sunglasses provide adequate protection from UV light. Ultraviolet radiation is important as this dose damage to the retina. The retina is the section of the eye responsible for letting in light. Macular degeneration is concerned with this factor, but also with another factor, Blue Light, otherwise known as High Intensity blue light. This is the light that we can see, as opposed to Ultraviolet light, which we cannot see. Blue light damages the macula, the section of the retina responsible for central vision. Sunglasses such as Blublockers are able of not only preventing UV light but also Blue Light.

Blublockers employ a type lens that is able to block out blue light. The way in which it does this is by using a specially colored lens. Blue light is able of passing through normal lens, so one needs something else. This other lens is a colored lens, the color amber or rose or yellow is able of blocking out this harmful blue light. The benefit of blublockers, along with its ability to block out harmful blue light, is their increased visual clarity. Hunters, sportsman, professional drivers, skiers, and others who need protection for their eyes, yet a perfect field of vision choose amber glasses due to the fact that these lenses do not dim the field of vision like traditional glasses.

Besides the lens themselves, another consideration is the frame and style. Aside from the appearance and how it may look to one in regards to a fashion sense, there are practical matters to be understood. If you choose sunglasses that are too small or that have thin flimsy arms then you may not be receiving enough protection. The arms on sunglasses are not simply there for support and or appearance. Arms, otherwise called temple arms, should be thick as sun can enter the eye from more than simply directly in front of you.

When determining if a pair of sunglasses are effective protection, you first need to inspect whether or not the lens are UV safe. Different countries have different specifications on what passes, but in most cases the glasses will have the label stating UV. As making glasses UV safe does not correlate into expensive glasses, it does not necessitate one buying an expensive brand. Blublockers are a brand of affordable sunglasses that meet both the UV specifications as well as the Blue Light. Blue light can be determined by the lens color. Blublockers and other glasses that are able to prevent the damaging light, which causes macular degeneration, are visibly different from other glasses in that their lenses are ether amber or yellow. You should always look to buy glasses from established companies, Amazon, Walgreen’s, etc. Also, while the glasses are important so is the company. One should look to find reputable companies. This does not entail paying for expensive designer brands, as this is not necessary. Blublockers or other well known brands have existed and been shown to stand up to scrutiny. They are certainly a safer way to approach purchasing a protective brand of sunglasses.