The Fashion Structure of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are very popular during the hot summer days.

The traditional sunglasses are always composed by the lens, the frame, the temple, the bridge and the hinge. The lenses of the sunglasses may be the most important parts. They are used to protect our eyes from dust, the sun’s glare and other foreign debris. Different lenses are made of different materials, such as glass, plastic and polycarbonate. And the frames mainly are used to hold the lenses. Frame are commonly made from plastic, metal or metal alloys. They have various shapes and sizes preferred by different wearers. If you pick up a perfect frame shape matched to your face, of course you can appear more attractive. The temple of the sunglasses is a rubber or nylon material that is attached to the frame and goes over the ear to anchor the sunglasses in the right and comfortable place. The bridge is the arc above the nose between the left and the right lenses. It is used as a real bridge to link the two lenses and avoid pressure marks that heavy lenses or frames cause on the cheeks. The hinge of sunglasses is very small but important. It allows the temple to fold easily and avoids breakage of the lenses.

At the very beginning, they were produced to hide people’s eyes from the bright sun. But nowadays, their main function is more than that. They have become accessories for everyone’s daily use. You can pick up different sunglasses to match your face and your costumes. Depending on your mood or style, sunglasses can complete and perfectly show your fashion identity. A pair of right sunglasses that is really fit for you, can surely contribute to your overall appearance and impact as well as give you more confidence.

Undoubtedly, sunglasses are one little thing that can bring a huge change for you!