The Innovative Aviator Sunglasses

One of the earliest models for sunglasses came in 1936 from Ray-Ban’s 3025 Aviator sunglasses, manufactured only seven years after the first sunglasses were introduced in 1929. Ray-Ban obtained an official patent for a prototype exhibiting anti-glare features incorporated into a gold-plated lightweight frame.

These early sunglasses featured green glass lenses. When the polarized technology was introduced Ray-Ban also incorporated this into their Aviator sunglasses to protect against infrared and ultraviolet rays. The design of the lens is an innovation just as much now as it was when it was first introduced: it is based on a tear-drop design that is set at an angle so that the pilot can easily focus on the plane’s instrument panel. Ray-Ban only made their Aviator range available to the general public in 1937 when it became extremely popular – a popularity that has continued almost unabated ever since.

Ray-Ban continues to sell thousands around the globe every year. The Aviator 3025 has been popularized in films by celebrities, and has been written about and sung about. They continue to be the choice of the rich, and famous and a pair of Aviator 3025 sunglasses is owned by many of the world’s supermodels. Apparently, a large part of the Aviator’s charm is the lenses which are made with glass – reports by many of their wearers acknowledge that the weight of the lenses actually adds to the Aviator’s comfort: the glass lenses give an overall impression of quality. Balanced against the weight of the lenses is the flexibility of the super-light arms which have an integral flex to them.

Add the latest polarized technology to the lenses to create a mirrored effect and the Aviator 3025 offers the wearer the ultimate in eye protection from the harmful effects ultra violet and infra-red radiation when out in bright sunshine. The Aviator 3025 are manufactured without sprung hinges and that feature, together with the wiry arms, ensures that less pressure is placed on the wearer’s temples, promoting a far higher comfort factor. When taken overall with the weight of the glass lenses and the lack of weight of the wiry arms, the Aviator 3025 has just the right balance to ensure the wearer experiences the sheer comfort of quality sunglasses Ray-Ban are noted for. An additional comfort feature is the movable nose pad which the wearer can adjust to obtain the optimal comfort fit across the bridge of the nose, ensuring overall comfort is assured.