The Truth About Contact Lenses For Astigmatism

If you begin to realize that your vision is becoming much more blurry and unclear at all distances, you could probably have astigmatism. The truth about astigmatism is that this is a pertinent eye condition prevalent in many people all across the globe. It is not a form of illness or symptom of bad health, but rather a minor change in the size or structure of your cornea lens.

Before you understand more about using contact lenses, it is important to know what astigmatism is. Astigmatism is due to a refractive error of light to the reception channels of your eye. As a result, light does not bend and focus on to the receptive channel, leading to blur images as interpreted from the brain. The main reason of this refraction error is that your cornea lens has been readjusted for whatever reason that may be even genetic, hence light does not bend properly into your eyes like it should.

This change to your cornea lenses are unfortunately permanent and if you were to consult a doctor, he would recommend traditional eye wear of glasses that will aid in the refraction process to correct the vision. However, a much better alternative would be to use contact lenses that are placed directly above the cornea lenses of your eye, allowing for a wider scope of vision and also being much lighter than glasses.

Contact lenses are non invasive and do not require any surgical or complex procedures. All you need to do is put them on and they are instantly ready to be used. Nonetheless, you should visit your local eye care professional as he will determine the actual magnitude and degree of the contact lens you should use to correct your vision.

If you suffer from astigmatism, it’s advised that you refrain from using non-prescription colored contacts. Opt for contact lenses designed specially for astigmatism such as toric lenses instead. If in doubt, ask your eye doctor for advice on the best contact lenses for you.